Wagion Lodge #6

2016 Chairmen

Hey Wagion,

As 2015 is coming to a close, we must start planning for our next year. One of the first steps to planning a lodge year is to select the Lodge Executive Committee. The LEC is comprised of elected officers, appointed committee chairmen and their advisers. Each chairman/adviser duo is responsible for carrying our specific duties in lodge operations. These duties range from selecting service projects at the OA weekends, to planning and running activities. In order to be selected as a chairman or adviser, candidates must be selected and approved by the Lodge Key 3 consisting if the Lodge Chief, Lodge Adviser, and Lodge Staff Adviser. A Chairman’s/Adviser’s terms are only guaranteed for one year. (Jan. 1, 201?-Dec. 31, 201?) If you are unsure of what committees there are, or are unsure of what a committees responsibilities are, please use the link provided below to reference the Lodge Manual of Administration.

Wagion Lodge 6 Manual of Administration

If you are interested in applying for a chairmanship for the 2016 lodge year, or know of someone who is interested please submit a name and requested position to the following form.

Please note the following: current chairman are not guaranteed to return and all candidates will be given equal consideration. Your honor level, tenure, attendence, skills, etc. may be taken into account when selecting the LEC. Lodge Master and other lodge records may be used to determine such qualifications.

The purpose for this article is to try and best suit each committee with appropriate leadership. It is not a popularity contest, but rather a selection based on merit.

In the Order of the Arrow, those who chose you, need you. Know that being a chairman is a rigorous job. Some committees may have more responsibilies than others, however all are needed equally to continue the success of our lodge. Attendance is mandatory at all lodge calendar events such as the Lodge Leadership Development (LLD), Lodge Banquet, Lodge Weekends, LEC/Business meetings, planning meetings, and other various times as stated by the Manual of Administration. Please consider these things when choosing to apply for a chairmanship.

Please send all questions, comments or remarks to:

Caleb Maddas


(724) 208-1775



Caleb Maddas

2015-16 Lodge Chief



LEC Candidate Request