Wagion Lodge #6

An unforgettable experience

Written by Mark Russak

The Order of the Arrow. This is one of scouting’s greatest honors. Only those whom exhibit the finest qualities of a scout receive this award. The Order of the Arrow is not so much a rank in scouting as it is a symbol of one’s dedication to the organization.

The Ordeal is a test of ones own strength to do something without having any help of another. Yet, at the same time, it teaches you how to work together as one unit and combine each others skills in order to achieve a single goal.

In the Order of the Arrow, you perform an “Ordeal”, which is a test of ones ability to complete a full day of hard work. In this period of twenty-four hours you cannot talk and you eat very little. You may ask: “why are these two things applied to the ordeal?” The reason you cannot talk is because if you are talking, chances are it is hindering you from the task you are performing. If you aren’t talking to others around you, you get a feel for the work and concentrate on it only. The other requirement: meager food rations, is for a similar reason as is the talking. You eat very little to show you that sometimes we take for granted all that we have. There is no candy bars and soda pop. You eat enough to give you energy to work the full day that’s all. It shows you to use only the bare minimum to accomplish something.

All in all, the Order of the Arrow is a great organization that really teaches you much about yourself and is guaranteed to leave you with something when you complete it.

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