Wagion Lodge #6

Arrowman Service Award

My brethren,

The end of our Order’s Centennial year is upon us. However, the Celebration has not ended yet. It is now time to earn your ASA(Arrowman Service Award).

“Oh, I have not kept track of that all year!” Do not worry, for the Centennial Celebration Committee has your back. If you would like to your ASA, all you have to do is shoot the CCC an email at cdrewanddevon@yahoo.com or text 724-317-4524, saying you want your award. From there, the committee will reply asking you to answer a few short questions (it literally takes a minute). Once you answer, you are finished! Your order form will be submitted to the Lodge Adviser to be signed, and then submitted to the National Office to obtain your ASA, allowed to be sewn onto your sash!

If you were responsible, very unlikely that anybody is that(just kidding, Robbie Lavelle), you can submit your already completed order form/checklist card to me at October Weekend. I also will be set up all October Weekend for you to spend minute to fill out the paperwork.

*Please contact the CCC by December 1, 2015 to allow for proper processing and ensure retrieval of ASA.

Youth ASA Progress Tracker:


Adult ASA Progress Tracker:


Thank you for being Amazing Swell Arrowmen! If you have any additional questions, please include your concerns in the email or text.

Andrew Colebank
Wagion Lodge #6