Wagion Lodge #6

I’m Ordeal, now what?

My Brothers:

Now that you have finished your Ordeal there are some items of attention.

There are four service weekends each year, August, October, April and June and a Banquet in February. It would be nice to see you at all of these events! Just because you have finished your Ordeal experience doesn’t mean your journey is over! Not only the lodge, but Camp Conestoga needs your dedicated service to stay beautiful for years to come. Get on a committee, there is something for everyone, your help will be greatly appreciated!

In 6 months you will be eligible to Seal your membership in the Lodge by taking your Brotherhood Interview and going through the Brotherhood Ceremony please do this. The other Scouts in your Troop found you worthy of the honor of being inducted into Wagion Lodge #6. The Lodge presents many opportunities few other organizations could. From canoeing the boundary waters of Northern Minnesota, hiking the mountains of Philmont, and exploring the coral reefs of the Florida keys, these are all possible through Wagion Lodge #6. Wagion thrives to further develop the character and leadership of our youth. Will you be the next member to lead our lodge into the future?

Go see the Brotherhood Information page to find out more on how to seal your membership in our lodge.

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