Wagion Lodge #6

Lodge Communications Plan

This is how Wagion Lodge #6 gets information out to its members.

  • The primary method of communication with general lodge membership is the T-Bird Times.
  • The council’s “Smoke Signals” newsletter is used to communicate our events with the entire council.
  • The website, www.wagion.org, is operated as a way for members to obtain information any time.
  • A “Wagion Lodge #6” Facebook page is operated to educate and inform the public on Lodge happenings.
  • A closed Wagion Facebook group is operated for lodge members to communicate with each other and get less formal information on what’s going on in the lodge.
  • LodgeMaster is implemented as a means of sending out e-mails to the general lodge membership to alert them to important details.
  • The Lodge, through its Promotions Committee, produces and publishes promotional materials/content for events and various committees through modern forms of mass communication such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  • The Lodge also produces a free public “Where to Go Camping Guide” that is available Here.
  • Members with questions are always welcome to contact our Council Service Center during normal business hours and speak to the Lodge Staff Adviser.

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