Wagion Lodge #6

Honor Levels

In the Order of the Arrow, we have various honor levels dedicated toward recognizing our Arrowmen based on the level of service and devotion to the organization that they have demonstrated.

These are solely level of honors and not ranks such as Scout-Eagle in the BSA, therefore they should not be interpreted as levels of seniority—only the degrees of service which members have given in accordance with the ideals of the OA and Scouting as a whole.


The Ordeal Honor is the first level of honor in the organization which is awarded to those who successfully complete the Ordeal. To learn more about this honor and the process which members go through, see the Ordeal Information section

The Brotherhood Honor is the second level of honor awarded to those who meet the requirements outlined in the Brotherhood Information section, set in accordance with national standards.

The Vigil Honor is the second level of honor awarded to a select few of the lodge, a mix of youth and adults, who meet the requirements set by national in the service and devotion they’ve demonstrated by leading and generally making an impact in the lodge. This honor does not have an information page as it is something bestowed upon Arrowmen through nomination and election, opposed to having a set list of requirements to be fulfilled.

More information regarding these honors and the processes associated with them may be found in the Manual of Administration or in the Membership page of the national website.