Wagion Lodge #6

NOAC 2015 committee seeking Artist!

Attention Wagion!!!

The NOAC 2015 committee is seeking a youth member of Wagion that has artistic talent, preferably in painting.

In preparation for NOAC 2015, our lodge must participate in the NOAC 2015 Legacy program.  This program is a number of “milestones”, which must be sent in to national.  The first milestone was an engraved rock with the lodge name and city.  The next milestone, which is due by the end of the 2013 year, is a painting describing the history of our lodge in some way or manner.  That is why we need a member with any artistic talent to cooperate with us, and paint the best painting Wagion 6 has to offer!

If you are interested in fulfilling NOAC 2015 committee’s needs, please see Lou W. or Royal Ferry at the 2013 June Service Weekend.

Yours in WWW,

Lou W.

NOAC 2015 Chairman