Wagion Lodge #6

Remember to register for the June Service Weekend!

Each second our mighty lodge is getting closer and closer to hosting Conclave. Before having fun however, we must prepare. I stongly urge anyone who has not yet registered for the June Service Weekend to do so immediately. Our Conclave committee has made great strides in order to host the best Conclave ever, yet not all the work can be done by a few hands. That is why I am calling on you, the arrowman, to join us in our efforts to prepare camp and help out in whatever tasks are asked of us. Regardless of whether or not you plan to attend Conclave, your lodge needs YOU to make it work. You have until June 3rd to register for the weekend in whatever means it may like. You can register online, call the Council Service Center, or even mail in the RSVP on you T-Bird Times. Saying that, you know what needs to be done.

In Service,
Caleb – 2013 Lodge Treasurer