Wagion Lodge #6

You Don’t Want to Miss This!

Dear Brothers,

I hope that you are as excited for the upcoming April Service Weekend as I am! It will certainly be great to trek back up to Camp Conestoga for a weekend of service and fellowship with our Wagion Brothers.

However, today I am going to talk about another opportunity that is also quickly approaching. Out there, in a world outside of Conestoga, Section NE-4B will be hosting the 2014 Conclave, Barnaby!

So put on your Class A uniform – there’s a Conclave out there!

A Conclave is an annual gathering of Arrowmen from across our section for one huge weekend of trainings and activities. You don’t want to miss this!

Any member of Wagion can and should attend Conclave, which is being held June 6-8 at Camp Twin Echo. And I forgot to mention the best part – Conclave is a place for Wagion to show off its lodge pride to the entire section, but we need YOUR help!

We need to bring AS MANY WAGION ARROWMEN AS POSSIBLE to Conclave this year. We need to show the rest of the section which lodge is the best and certainly the loudest! Get ready to sing the lodge song louder than you ever sang it before as we violate the “Dining Hall Noise Ordinance” and have a great time in fellowship with our Brothers from across the area!

There’s only ONE LODGE WEEKEND LEFT to sign up for Conclave – this April Service Weekend! You can register online by clicking HERE, but you will still be required to prepay at the weekend or the Council Service Center. The cost of Conclave this year is $45, which includes your fee for the weekend (as set by the section), t-shirt, and patches.

Please see Conclave Chairman Wesley G. or Adviser Carla H. for more information regarding the event or to sign-up this weekend!

Carry On Wagion!

– Robbie Lavelle