Wagion Lodge #6

Conclave 2013 Sub-Committees Need Your Help!

Are you an active member of Wagion Lodge 6?

Are you excited for Conclave 2013 coming to Camp Conestoga?!?

Do you want to play a bigger role in it happening?

If you answered “YES!” to the above three questions, then you should consider being on staff for Conclave next year! All you have to do is join and get involved with a sub-committee – a special committee created just for hosting the section-wide event next year at Camp Conestoga, known as Conclave 2013!

Below is a list of sub-committees and their respective chairmen for Conclave 2013! ANYONE can join a sub-committee, and now’s your chance. To join one, simply contact its chairman today. You can also sign up for a sub-committee at the October Service Weekend (October 19-21).

Serving on staff for a Conclave is an opportunity that comes around once every several years. Remember, to be on staff you must be an active part of one of the sub-committees listed below.

If you have any question regarding the responsibilities/duties of the sub-committees below, please ask Conclave 2013 Chairman Max Fogle, myself, or that sub-committee chairman!

Commissary – Jesse L.
Dining Hall – Taran W.
Finance – Caleb M.
First Aid – Tom F.
Housing/Parking – Alex L.
Maintenance – Patrick L.
Registration/Reception – Ethan B.
Fundraising – Wesley G.
Religious Services – Dustin C.
Security – Jake R.
Snack – Evan B.
Communications – Drew C.
Ways and Means – Chris D.
Trading Post – Eric B.
Cub Scouts – Mikey B.

-Yours in Service,

Robbie Lavelle
2012 Lodge Chief