Wagion Lodge #6

Theme Selected for Conclave 2013!

On Saturday, September 8th leaders from across section NE-4b, encompassing the Council of Chiefs (CoC) officially voted on and approved Wagion’s theme for Conclave next year:

“The Mario Brotherhood Weekend!”

The theme is sure to be a fun and also a meaningful one. Expect many of the activities, decorations, and awards to be centered on Nintendo©’s infamous Mario characters.

More importantly, the theme was selected because like our organization of Brotherhood, Mario and Luigi are also brothers on a journey, like we are. Although ours might not involve finding mushrooms and whipping turtle shells, we find our challenges in a life of cheerful service and putting the needs of others above those of our own.

The Mario characters have stood the test of generations, only changing slightly in areas such as graphics and consoles. However, the Brotherhood between Mario and Luigi is still as strong now as it was when the two were originally created.

This is comparative to our organization, the Order of the Arrow. The same Brotherhood that burned bright in the hearts of those who organized our great organization still burns today, as strong as ever. The theme is intended to make us reflect upon our own fire of cheerfulness and ask ourselves if we have truly done everything in our power to serve our fellow man.

Of course this powerful theme is going to be intertwined with games, shows, and competitions that are sure to ignite the Brotherhood not only in our lodge, but across the section, and the entire Order of the Arrow.

I’d expect a few turtle shells to come flying your way, oh, and be on the lookout for 1-up mushrooms as Wagion prepares to host the biggest greatest Conclave that can only be centered on one of the world’s favorite fictional characters, and resident plumber – it’s The Mario Brotherhood Weekend!

(coming to Camp Conestoga June 14-16, 2013 – visit conclave2013.org for more information)

—Yours  in Service,

Robbie Lavelle
2012 Lodge Chief