Wagion Lodge #6

Chief explains the new site!

Hello Wagion,

Check it out. We’re finally getting this site updated! Now one thing to remember that this new site doesn’t have on the old site is a large collection of articles. This is where the executive committee comes in. If not by the time you are reading this, then relatively soon, the chairmen and advisors will be given a log-in and password to get on the site and write articles. This site will be in accordance with the rules for Scouting sites, just like the last one, but hope this new convenient accessibility will promote communication.

To the chairmen:
Take advantage of this. Your lodge is crying out to hear what things you are doing, no matter how big or small. These posts could be anything from sentences like a Twitter post or a letter.

Yours in the brotherhood,

Mark Steiner
-Lodge Chief


One thought on “Chief explains the new site!

  1. Ken Hager

    Great job, Chief, steamrolling the way on this important project! And superb work by Devin Boyer and Robbie Lavelle making sure the WebTech Cmte met its goal to launch a new site before the 90th Anniversary Weekend!

    Much thanks also to Dan Wright for his tech-savvy and encouragement, and to Denny Kinzel and Kyle Bryan for their leadership.