Wagion Lodge #6

Wagion’s WebTech continues march towards Successes


While many Lodge Committees have been busy preparing for the upcoming August Weekend and 90th Anniversary Celebration, Wagion’s WebTech Committee has been working behind the scenes to unveil the revamped Lodge website – www.wagion.org! 

As recently as February 2011, the newly elected Lodge Officers and newly appointed WebTech personnel set out to reinvigorate Wagion’s hi-tech prowess.  Starting as early as 1995, Wagion Lodge has sought to inspire communication using the most cutting-edge technologies.  In preparations for Wagion’s Diamond Anniversary, our Lodge debuted its first website in 1997.  Long afterwards, Wagion remained at the forefront of the early 21st-Century internet boom, and conducted major upgrades to our site in 2000, 2002, and 2005.  As the public embraced the social media expansion of the mid-to-late 2000’s, Wagion expanded into such areas as Facebook (2006) and Twitter (2011).

Now on the verge of a new decade and a new generation of Arrowmen, WebTech continues its march toward newer and more efficient forms communications with the introduction of the refurbished www.wagion.org.  By using a new management system allowing Lodge Committee Chairman to directly “contribute” data to the website – and automatically forwarding that data directly to an approved moderator for publication, WebTech has created a much faster and streamlined arrangement for the broadcasting of fresh, relevant information to all Lodge members!

While the new changes and additions seem impressive, WebTech promises to continue surpassing expectations and will be releasing more content in the coming months. 


WebTech wants to continuing discovering innovative and unconventional ways to show to the world that, while Wagion might be Lodge #6, we are lodge #1 in technology and communication.


Interested in joining WebTech??  Contact WebTech Chairman Devin Boyer () or WebTech Adviser Ken Hager (kenhager@oa6.org).