Wagion Lodge #6

Secretary Robbie Lavelle talks up 90th Weekend

I don’t know if you happened to hear, but this year is our 90th Anniversary. Also, this upcoming August weekend is our 90th Anniversary Weekend. This August weekend promises to be a fellowship weekend like no other. Just to recap some of the alternations that will differ from typical Lodge weekend: Ordeals tapped out during summer camp choosing to take their Ordeal in August will be arriving Thursday evening along with those on the Service Committees. General Lodge members will still arrive Friday as usual. But don’t expect a “usual” weekend! The schedule is already full of training cells, activities, and more! Members from other Lodges, including multiple national officers, are also joining in the celebration, so why don’t you? Right now is also a ground breaking time for the Communications Division. We are reaching new heights with the new web layout design which is set to be purchased. The Communications Committee is efficiently publishing the best looking T-Bird Times in a short amount of time! Right now is the best opportunity to get involved in these committees and get active in bettering your Lodge. All you have to do is attend this weekend of fellowship!