Wagion Lodge #6

Attention LEC! Check Out SALLS Now!

Many of you may not know of or have even heard of SALLS before and if this is the case let it be heard first here! SALLS is the Section Advancement of Lodge Leaders Summit. This is a training held for the LEC Members of the 4 Lodges in Section NE-4B. The date of this training will be March 19th and the Location is at IUP. You may ask yourself why you should attend this event as a LEC Member and the answer to that is a couple reasons. First it helps us to achieve JTE by Supporting a Section Event. Second because there has been a lot of hard work and preparation put into this training. All of the Trainings will be ran by either current of past Section and National Officers so it will be a good chance for you to learn from and meet a lot of really cool people along with being trained by the best of the best! If you have any questions regarding SALLS you can always contact the Section by clicking here or if you would like to Register for SALLS you can do that here.

Yours in Service,
Aaron Coffman
2014-16 NE-4B Secretary

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