Wagion Lodge #6

What is NLS?

In the Order of the Arrow, we use a lot of abbreviations: LLD, LEC, LAC, COC, MOA…

So here’s two more: NLS & NLATS

Starting with the first, NLS stands for the National Leadership Seminar. The National Leadership Seminar is a weekend-long conference that focuses on the skills and attributes of leadership. It is intended primarily to enhance the leadership skills of the Order of the Arrow’s key youth and adult members as they seek to improve their services to the Boy Scouts of America and the greater community. Near the end of the seminar, participants make a contract with themselves to apply the skills studied during the seminar on projects in their lodge, troop, council, and community. NLS prepares Arrowmen to become better leaders both in and outside the Scouting program.

Next, NLATS stands for the National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar. The National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar is also a weekend-long conference, held in correlation with NLS. NLATS focuses on the skills and attributes of effective adult lodge advisers. It is intended primarily to enhance an adviser’s knowledge of and connectivity with the OA’s strategic plan, program, and resources. It also emphasizes the personal skills that are essential to the development of effective youth leadership and ultimately the OA’s service to the council.

All available spots for the March NLS and NLATS session are FULL. At the time of writing this article, we still have A FEW SPOTS LEFT for the April session, in which only an NLS will be held. After April, the final NLS and NLATS for the year will be held in November.

There are a very limited number of seats for the entire Northeast Region of the Order of the Arrow, so if you are interested in attending NLS or NLATS and would like more information, please contact the Training Committee as soon as possible, or better yet – come to our informational training cell at the Banquet!

Yours in Service,

Drew Colebank & Robbie Lavelle
2014 Training Committee