Wagion Lodge #6

Are you ready for 2014?


It is my honor and pleasure to introduce you all to this great year for our lodge, 2014. Every year in our lodge has built off of the successes of the previous year, so this upcoming time can and will be nothing but astounding. This exciting year kicks off with our annual Lodge Fellowship Banquet (which I’m sure most of you are familiar with), which Evan, Taran and myself are nothing but highly anticipating.

For starters we’ve revamped the full roster of events, adding an exciting new Triathlon, the Thunder games, and the new Leader’s Lounge for all those advisors and leaders who just want a break. The Commissary committee will once again host an exciting and interactive cooking cell for most the day, so head down to see what they’re cooking up throughout the day. We also have the Uniontown pool available for use so don’t forget to bring your swim trunks brothers! Don’t forget to check in before dinner at the NOAC Patch auction and support our contingent. Lastly, we have the pleasure of Darren Miller, the first American to solo swim the 7 channels of the world as our esteemed Keynote speaker for the evening!

This exciting banquet is only the start of what is to be a phenomenal year for Wagion, so come out on February 22nd at Uniontown High School to join us for the start of a great new Thunderbird year!

Your’s in W.W.W.,

Ethan Byers
Program Vice-Chief