Wagion Lodge #6

Adviser’s Minute – October 2011

Adviser’s Minute

by: Daniel Wright, 2012-14 lodge adviser


I am honored to accept our Scout Executive’s invitation to serve as Wagion’s twenty-first lodge adviser.   It will be a great challenge to perform as well as the 20 men that came before me, but I believe I am up to the task!

In this past year, Wagion celebrated an amazing milestone: our lodge has been in existence for ninety years!   Next year, we will be ninety-one,  and while that doesn’t sound as spectacular as ninety, we have to remember that this is really ninety, plus one.   And, it’s one year closer to Wagion’s centennial.    If we want Wagion to make it all the way to three digits and beyond, then we must continue to provide the superior program that we are known for nation-wide.  Many generations of Wagion brothers before us have worked hard to keep our lodge one of the best in the nation, and now it is our turn to live up to their legacy.   There are several things that each of us can be doing to help make sure that happens:

  1. Support Friends of Scouting.   Without a strong council, we will not be able to have a strong lodge.   Please support the Council however you can, and spread the word to friends and family that the Boy Scouts need their financial support.
  2. Support your unit.   We also need strong troops, packs, and crews in the council in order to have a healthy lodge.   An arrowman’s first responsibility is to his unit.   So, please be sure to help keep your unit running strong, and don’t forget to let them know about all the good things their OA lodge is doing for them.
  3. Participate in the lodge.    Wagion never sleeps!   Aside from the banquet and service weekends, we have many committees working year-round to keep things running smooth (and this web site is just one example of that).    Right now, we are looking for committee chairmen and advisers for the 2012 lodge year.    These decisions will need to be finalized some time in December.   So, please get in touch with your new Chief, Robbie Lavelle (see The T-Bird Times for contact information) if you would like to be a chairman, or contact me directly (dan@dwright.org) if you have an interest in being an adviser.

Brothers, we must make it known that while we may be number six in history, we will always be number one in quality.