Wagion Lodge #6

NOAC Committee Noted in National “Best Practices”

Selling NOAC BrowniesWagion Lodge #6’s NOAC 2012 committee efforts were recently noted as a “Best Practice” on the National Order of the Arrow site. For more than the past year, the NOAC Committee, lead by chairman Evan B. has sold dozens of home-made brownies and cookies at every lodge function. In addition to the baked goods, sold for $2 apiece, a T-Shirt was produced earlier in 2011 exclaiming “Eating our way to Michigan State” (host school of NOAC 2012). The NOAC committee also holds its auction annually at the lodge banquet (with a special auction at the 90th anniversary celebration in August) and sells patches to raise additional funds.

According to the best practice document, the goal was to raise $12,000 before NOAC 2012. All the money raised will go towards reducing the cost of conference attendance for youth lodge members. So far, the NOAC Committee has gone a long way towards achieving their goal, having raised $9,000 prior to the October weekend, according to the document. The entire stock of baked goods sold out yet again in October, so it’s safe to say the NOAC Committee is well on its way towards hitting the 5-digit mark!

Congratulations to Evan and Nathaniel Shaffer (NOAC 2012 Adviser) on a job well done! Be sure you stop by and pick up a brownie or two (or more) and participate in the auction at the 2012 Lodge Banquet! You won’t be disappointed!

View: NOAC Fundraising Best Practice – National OA Website