Wagion Lodge #6

NE-4 Powder Horn, August 26-28

by Dan Wright
Many lodge brothers probably have not ever heard of “Powder Horn”, which is a shame because it’s an awesome experience, and it will be happening very close to us in just a few weeks.
Similar to the Wood Badge course, Powder Horn is conducted as an area event, rotating councils each year.   This will be the first time in 5 years that area NE-4 has had their own Powder Horn.  It will be hosted by the Laurel Highlands Council at Heritage Reservation on August 26th through the 28th.    The course is being directed by Wagion’s own past Lodge Adviser, Jerry Clark.   Also representing our council on staff this year are Phil Thewes, Gary Wandel, Rich Hager, and Dan Wright.
Labeled as the “High Adventurer Skills Resource Management Course”, Powder Horn is all about exposing leaders to all sorts of high adventure opportunities for their units through hands-on activities run by regional experts in areas such as Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hunting, Caving, Wilderness Survival, Scuba, Snow Shoeing, and much more.    There is no ticket to complete in this course.  Your only objectives are to have fun, and learn.
Until very recently, you had to be a member of Venturing to participate in this course, but now it’s open to any registered Youth or Adult in the B.S.A. that has attended Basic Leader Training for their position.
Time to register is running short, and there are very few slots remaining.  So, please register soon or you may have to wait several years until Powder Horn is offered so close to our home again.    For more information on the NE-4 Powder Horn course (including registration), please visit  http://www.ner4ph.org or speak to one of the staff members mentioned above.