Wagion Lodge #6

Brotherhood Candidate Information for 90th Anniversary Weekend

by Mark Steiner

If you have already participated in a Brotherhood interview this summer, you will need to arrive at Camp Conestoga between 6:00pm and 7:00pm on Friday, August 11. Once you have registered with the Membership Committee at the Trading Post, you will meet Francis Severa, Brotherhood Committee Chariman, at the Blackhawk pavilion on the Hill.   If you cannot arrive until later, please contact Francis Severa before Friday.  Refer to the T-Bird Times for contact information.

     If you have not yet participated in a Brotherhood interview, you must arrive by 5:30pm at Camp Conestoga.  Please follow the same procedure of registering at the Trading Post and moving to the Blackhawk pavilion for Brotherhood interviews.

 Good luck to all new Brotherhood candidates!  Be sure to come and seal your membership in the Lodge. The Lodge needs all of you, and Brotherhood is one of the most important steps of the OA.


Mark Steiner

– Lodge Chief