Wagion Lodge #6

2014 LEC Registration

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2014 Lodge Executive Committee Registration
This form is to be completed by all members of the executive committee.     Please only complete this form if you have been invited to the executive committee by the Lodge Chief or the Lodge Adviser.   If you are unsure about your position, or would like to request a position for 2014, please contact the Lodge Chief (if you are under 21), or the Lodge Adviser (if you are an adult).
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Position information
Tell us what your role on the 2014 Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) is.
Name *
Please provide your full name, as it is listed on your BSA membership registration.
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What name do you prefer to go by?
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Executive Committee Position *
This is the position you were invited or elected to for 2014.   For example "Ceremonies Chairman", or "Web-Tech Adviser"
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Age category *
This is your age on January 1, 2014
Chairman elligible *
Will you be less than 21 years old on December 31, 2014?
Council Affiliation *
All OA members must have a current valid registration in the BSA.   Please tell us how you are registered.   For example "Troop 123", "District member at large", etc...
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Contact Information
We will place this information on our LEC roster and use it throughout the year whenever we need to contact you.
E-Mail address *
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Home Phone *
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Cell Phone
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School Phone
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Work Phone
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Best time to call?
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Best mailing address *
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Skype ID?
If you would like to allow us to contact you via skype, please provide us with your Skype id.
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LLDC 2014
The Lodge Leadership Development Course will be held on January 11th.   Attendance at this event is mandatory for all LEC members.    If you are unable to attend, you must obtain permission from the Lodge Chief or Lodge Adviser to remain on the LEC.
Will you be attending the LLDC?
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How many times have you attended the LLDC before?
The LLDC is an annual event hosted by the lodge for all executive committee members.
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Training background
Have you attended NLS? *
NLS is the National Leadership Seminar, a program hosted by the BSA.    This is typically held in Alpine, New Jersey.
Have you attended NLATS?
NLATS is the National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar.  Also held in Alpine, New Jersey.  It is a program for adults that advise major aspects of the Lodge program.
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Are you interested in attending NLS or NLATS in 2014?
These are executive-class training programs being put on by the nation's best, and the cost is fully subsidized by the Lodge!  Outside of Scouting, people pay thousands of dollars for these kinds of trainings.  This is a rare opportunity.   But space is very limited.  Each lodge in the nation only has the opportunity to send a few people each year.   So, if you commit to going, you must be sure you will be able to go if a spot is made available for you.   Because of travel involved, participants will need to take Friday off of School or Work.  We can provide a written request for excused educational travel, typically accepted by schools.
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