Wagion Lodge #6

Elangomat Committee

     The Elangomat Committee is an improved method of conducting the Ordeal and hopefully retaining members’ interested in sealing their membership and remaining active.  The program revolves around the new candidates, each with an experienced Arrowman called an “Elangomat” (friend) to guide and enrich them throughout their ordeal.


Committee description


     The program is designed to provide specific individual attention, safety, and an inspirational atmosphere for candidates during their Ordeal and to promote the ideas of the Order of the Arrow.  This is accomplished throughout the Clan System.

Under this system, the new candidates are divided in to small groups, or clans, of usually 8 to 10 members.  The Elangomat is with them for the entire time, from registration, to Breakfast on Sunday.  in this way, individual attention is given as needed, an atmosphere of Brotherhood is given, the ideals of Brotherhood become visible through action, and many problems concerning safety are eliminated.


  1. Attend ALL training and planning sessions prior to becoming an Elangomat.
  2. During the Ordeal weekend, the Elangomat stays with the new Ordeals at ALL TIMES!
  3. Registration – Make a first impression.  Meet with your clan before ceremonies begin.  All Elangomats should be in full uniform with their sash on.(Sometimes just sash will suffice.)  Hand out pamphlet 1.
  4. Pre-Ordeal – Prepare candidates for the beginning of ceremonies without revealing what will happen, hand out pamphlet 2
  5. The Ordeal – Ordeal is broken into four parts, and the Elangomat must take theses tests of Silence, Night Alone, Arduous Labor, and Scant Food very seriously to be effective to the candidates.
  6. Dinner – Elangomats help clans back to camp areas.  Gives them approximately 20 – 30 minutes to relax.  Then Elangomat returns with candidates back to the parade field.  Elangomats are to eat with his clan.
  7. Ceremony – Arranges for clan to meet 30 to 45 minutes before the ceremonies begin.  Prepares them for their ceremony.
  8. Snack – Ensures that the new candidates receive their lodge handbooks, and flaps, are given to them from the Ordeal Chairman.
  9. Sunday Morning – Makes sure everyone enjoyed their weekend and encourages everyone to come back for the next one so that they can have an enjoyable time in our lodge.

Discussion Sessions


The purpose is so that the candidates can learn the true meaning of the Elangomat or “friend”.  Elangomats must realize that everything that happens to the candidates is new and therefore ensures that the candidates are not afraid and helps them throughout their journey.

Also, the discussion sessions should give the new Ordeals factual information about the Order of the Arrow and the Ordeal and assist candidates in understanding preparing to apply their principals.

Discussions by Head Elangomat, or by individual Elangomat

For more information, Refer to Section VI of the Wagion Manual of Administration

Development Period

During the ten-month development period, the Elangomat should keep in touch wih the new Ordeals letters, which are in Section VII of the manual.

Each Elangomat should attempt to contact his clan at least 2 – 3 weeks before the next lodge weekend and the personally invite them.  Also, invite them to ask any questions that they may have thought of since the last weekend.

When the tenth month rolls around, the Elangomat should strongly encourage the new Ordeals to seals their membership with the Lodge.  Any information that he has collected about the ordeals that may be useful should be respectfully turned over to the Brotherhood Chairman or Advisor.  Elangomats may continue to contact all Ordeals up to 15 months if they haven’t sealed their membership only if deemed necessary by the Elangomat Chairman and/or Advisor.

This information was provided by Adam Kostik with thanks to the Original Wagion Manual.

New members are always appreciated!




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