Wagion Lodge #6

Getting Involved with the Lodge

Hello Wagion!

One of the primary goals that we have decided to work towards this year is an increase in youth involvement within the inner-workings of the lodge–best indicated in the theme “Today’s Arrowmen, Tomorrow’s Leaders.” With this, we’ve implemented a number of new resources to make getting involved both easier to do and to understand.

The first major resource is the creation of the new Getting Involved pages here on the website. These pages feature information on how to get involved with committees, how to become a chairman, how to become an officer, and the other opportunities offered by the various different levels of the organization.

The second major resource is one we’ve implemented with the new pages, but is still worth mentioning independently in this post. Committees are one of the best ways for members to get involved with the lodge. From the opportunity to form new friendships and make new connections to the possibility to climb higher into a chairman position, there is no reason to not join a committee. In the past, it has been relatively unclear exactly how to get involved at such a simple level, so we’ve made it easier by introducing the Committee Interest Form. By filling out this form, chairmen will know you’re interested in their committee and will be able to reach out to you in advance to an event so you can get the ball rolling to be able to help with little to no trouble. For further information regarding this, you can reference the information provided in the Joining A Committee page.

We highly encourage you to make an effort to give back to the lodge, camp, and Scouting as a whole by getting involved. Today you are an arrowman, but tomorrow you could be a leader. It all depends on you.

In Service,
Carl Schaefer
2024 Lodge Secretary