Wagion Lodge #6

Manual of Administration Update

Hello Wagion, 

Over the weekend the LEC approved the revisions for Section 1 Lodge Rules of the Manual of Administration. It is now time for me to reveal these changes to you. Attached will be a copy of the new Section 1 with all changes highlighted. One of the changes that will have the most impact is on what needs full Lodge approval vs LEC approval in the manual. Currently, any change to any section of the Manual needs full lodge approval, however, with the new Section 1 only changes to Section 1 Lodge Rules would need to be approved by the full lodge. This change was made because the other sections contain duties of officers and chairs and a suggested timetable and lodge resources. These duties can change and evolve therefore it makes sense for them to only need LEC approval.
Attached will also be a Google form for any feedback you may have.

Updated Version of Section 1 of the Lodge Manual