Wagion Lodge #6

2022 Vigil Class

Brothers of Wagion Lodge 6,

As your Vigil Honor Chairman, I am honored to present the Vigil class of 2022 to those of you who could not attend August weekend! We had a group of extraordinary individuals that I was very proud to be associated with. It was emotional to see each of them truly serve our lodge throughout the weekend, knowing that in just a few hours, they would be pulled out for the Vigil Honor. Our class is…

Liam Colligan

“Achgiguwen Ktemaque”

“Game Playing Beaver”


Darius Colangelo

“Achowelendam Wiquihillau”

“Deep Thinking Tired One”


Terry Monaghan

“Missochwen Kichkinet”

“Wandering and Guiding Den Mother”


Tim Dalton

“Tangelensuwi Mikemosin Achgegingen”

“Humbled Hardworking Teacher”


Matt Dalton

“Poquihillachton Tangeemhoatit”

“Breaker of Scoops”


Noah Rhea

“Witschingen Wulamoeju Nitis”

” Helpful Loyal Friend”


Robert Deckinger

“Lippoe Wdoon Aschowin”

“Smart Mouthed Cliff Diver”


Thank you to the class of 2022 and all those who made their experience what it was. See you in October. Carry On!

Yours in Service,

Thomas Kopasko