Wagion Lodge #6

Conclave 2022 Registration

Greetings Wagion,

Conclave 2022 is set to happen June 10-12 at Camp Heritage and we hope to see you all there. This Conclave will allow Wagion to show what they can do in front of other lodges and we urge everyone to attend and show the greatness of Wagion Lodge 6. The theme for the 2022 Conclave is a nuclear apocalypse and is going to be a bomb! (get it nuclear bomb I’m sorry)Conclaves are a great way to experience the brotherhood and traditions of other lodges along with showing ours. This will be the new section E-12’s first conclave so you will get to go and see some new additions that creating a new section can bring. In order to sign up for and get some more information regarding what will be an amazing Conclave weekend click here. As always thats show how great our lodge is by showing what we can do at this year’s Conclave! As always don’t forget to Carry On!