Wagion Lodge #6

Raise the Roof!

As announced at the Banquet, the theme for the April Service Weekend is: “Raise the Roof!” This includes a multitude of activities centered around having an awesome party. And, in Wagion style, this awesome party is also planned to include some literal roofing.

That’s right, we are continuing our ongoing initiative of replacing the shingles on all the roofs in camp as they reach the end of their lifespan. Recent projects have included the Rifle Range, Mohawk campsite pavilion, and pool pavilion. This April Weekend we are planning to re-shingle the roofs of the two pavilions at the lakefront (weather permitting). Most importantly, we need YOUR help to make these projects a success!

If you are available to help, please convene at the Maintenance Building after breakfast/colors on Saturday morning at the weekend. These projects are a great opportunity to provide impactful cheerful service for our camp and are always a great time, too. There will be music, Gatorade, and all the old roofing nails you could ever hope for!

Please feel free to contact me (Robbie Lavelle) if you have any questions. My contact information is on the back of the T-Bird.

See you at the April Weekend to “Raise the Roof!”