Wagion Lodge #6

A Recap of the Events of Conclave 2016

My fellow arrowmen,

This past weekend Wagion sent a contingent to the 2016 Section NE-4B Conclave hosted by Kuskitannee Lodge 168 at Camp Bucoco. The weekend was very eventful, starting with the opening show on Friday night. After the show, a cracker-barrel was held in the dining hall. The next morning after breakfast, training cells were held throughout the camp. The training cells covered everything from OA High Adventure to Journey To Excellence to American Indian Affairs. After lunch, the afternoon activities began. Volleyball, Kickball, and Ultimate Frisbee are just a few of the many activities that took place. After dinner and vespers, a patch auction took place followed by the closing show and another cracker-barrel. Sunday morning after breakfast, the annual section business meeting took place. At the meeting the 2016-2017 section officers were elected. Two Wagion arrowmen were elected to serve as section officers. Aaron Coffman was elected as Section Chief and William Moats was elected as Section Secretary. Now that Conclave 2016 is over, it is time to begin preparing to host Conclave 2017 at Camp Conestoga. The theme for Conclave 2017 will be Back to our Future, a spin-off of the popular 1980’s movie Back to the Future. Hosting a conclave is a ton of work and we will need as many Wagion arrowmen as we can get to ensure it’s success. That is why in order to go to Conclave 2017, you must sign up to be on a Conclave sub-committee. Although hosting a conclave takes a lot of work, it is a great experience that every Wagion arrowmen should have. To sign up for conclave 2017, contact Lodge Chief and 2017 Conclave Chairman, Caleb Maddas.