Wagion Lodge #6

Fellowship Banquet


It is with great joy that I announce that this year’s Fellowship Banquet will be held at Southmoreland High School on February 27th. The tentative arrival time for all non-LEC members is 11AM. Southmoreland is well-equipped with a cafeteria, classrooms, an auditorium, and a basketball gym for our usage however, unlike previous banquets, they do not have a pool. I hope this is not too much of a disappointment and I know that despite this minor deterrent we will still capitalize on such a wonderful opportunity to come together as brothers of cheerful service. Dylan Grindle (the activities chairman) is hard at work planning what is bound to be an outstanding event and I encourage all of you to register by February 20th. That being said, it has been awhile since our last visit to Southmoreland and as scouts I expect all of you to leave the school in a better condition than how we find it. Each year we are graciously hosted by (normally) a High School and one of the primary reasons for this is our outstanding conduct and care for the facilities that we are provided. Show the respect that Southmoreland, Wagion, and most importantly yourselves deserve. If you have any suggestions for activities that you would like to see at the Banquet or any other suggestions you feel could enhance this event please feel free to contact myself or Dylan.

In the Spirit of Cheerful Service,

Ross Michael

Program Vice Chief