Wagion Lodge #6

NOAC 2015 Banquet Events

Well, the annual banquet has come upon us again.  The banquet will have food, fun, and games.  But there will also be one more important part to this event.  The NOAC Training Cell and NOAC Patch Auction!  These may even be the best part of the entire banquet.  If you don’t even know what a NOAC is, I suggest you go to this training cell.  It will tell you all about NOAC; from what there is to do, to how you can play a part in planning for one.  And don’t forget about the patch auction!  You may bid and compete for the patch you’ve been looking for, or just pick up one that seems interesting and neat.  Both of these NOAC events are what will really make your banquet experience the best.  So, mark these down as a priority on your banquet schedule!