Wagion Lodge #6

The 2013 Banquet Video Game Tournament Schedule!

Good Evening Wagion! This year’s Banquet will be better than any you’ve ever experienced before, besides from the fact that there will be great training cells, sports tournaments, Patch auctions and the new Committee Fair, but ALSO because everyone will have the chance to enter into the Wagion Video Game Tournaments!
This year there will be 2 tournaments:

The First one, Starting at noon, will be a fierce Super Smash Brother Brawl Tournament which will be just 1v1 2 minute battles. All characters will be available to play as but only a few items will be available (including the Smash Ball)

Round 1 will take place on the classic “Battlefield” stage, Round 2 on the “Pokemon Stadium” stage, The Semi-Final Round will be on “Green Hill Zone”, and the Final round will take place on “Final Destination” (not the movies).

The Second, starting at 1:00pm, is the Halo 4 Tournament which will be teams of 2 (so grab a friend!) competing in 6 minute timed Slayer Matches.

The First round will be played on Adrift. Round 2 will take place on Abandon. The Semi-Final match will be on the ever popular Valhalla. The Final Round will be a special match: a 1v1 slayer battle on Haven between you and your teammate! The final champion will be the Halo 4 Champion of the banquet and both of the final 2 will receive special prizes at the business meeting following dinner!

Of course if you’re not inclined to take part in the game tournaments, you can just casually play games with your friends. From 11:30 to 1 there will be Open Halo 3, and from 1 to 2:30 you can have your chance at New Super Mario Bros.!

So be sure to stop by Café 2 for some phenomenal Video Game Parties!

Your’s in W.W.W.,

Ethan Byers
Activities Coordinator