Wagion Lodge #6

Are You Ready?!?

Are you ready for the Wagion World Fair at the August Fellowship Weekend?!?!?!?

You’re not ready until you’ve registered! Registration is NOW OPEN for the August Weekend (August 17-19 at Camp Conestoga). Don’t miss this fellowship weekend of a lifetime!!! All you have to do to register is call the Greensburg Council Service Center. You must register NO LATER THAN Monday, August 13.

The August Weekend is jammed packed full of service and activities, including the Wagion World Fair, sporting competitions, and a hot air balloon!

More information regarding the weekend can be found in your latest copy of The T-Bird Times. Expect more information also coming soon to wagion.org, including a schedule of events, sneak peeks into the weekend, and more!

It’s all coming, but you have to “Meet the first Challenge” and register!

See you at the weekend!

—Robbie Lavelle
2012 Lodge Chief