Wagion Lodge #6

What You Missed at NOAC 2012

Hey Wagion!!! For those of you who went to NOAC 2012, I’m sure you agree that we had an awesome time. But, for the members that didn’t get to go to NOAC, here are some of the events that you missed. Before we even got to NOAC, we went to Cedar Point, Put In Bay, and even a baseball game in Toldeo, Ohio! At NOAC, there were tons of fun and different things to do. Each morning, every Arrow man went to class. These were just like training cells: some taught you how to use leadership, another gave instruction on completing your Eagle Project, and there was even a cell just for patches! After all the classes there was so much to do. One day there was a Trade-O-Ree, where a whole bunch of people come together and trade patches, memorabilia, etc. Another day there was an Expo. This is where different brands, companies or places give you a bunch of FREE stuff!!!

On Thursday, there was The Grand Hodag. There was free root beer and slices of pizza given out, in addition to many games. Friday was Founder’s Day. Each lodge from across the nation had a booth where they gave something out, had a game you could play, or you could listen to information that was presented. Each night in the lounge area of almost every dorm was patch trading. Many people had set their patches out waiting to trade. Others were walking around looking at patches hoping to make a deal. Saturday was the long ride home. I’m sure everyone was happy to get back, and we all can’t wait for NOAC 2015!!