Wagion Lodge #6

Let’s do this.

As you may know, Wagion will be hosting Conclave 2013. We have the duties of a host lodge. That means that we will be in charge of housing and feeding hundreds of arrowmen, as well as providing a place for them to create a newsletter, run activities, perform shows, and display native american drum and dance activities.

This is what many of you have been waiting for. If you recall correctly, the last conclave held by Wagion was in 2008. The theme was “Lenni Len-opoly” and to be brief, it was awesome. Everything from the food to the committees to the patches were just great and are still held in high regard by members of the lodges in our section to this day. After 4 long and tumultuous years of not-as-good conclaves, I think it’s time for us to blow them out of the water once again.

Now is the time to get interested, get your name around and, most importantly, get on a committee. Do you want to stand by while our lodge single-handedly puts all of the past years of conclaves to shame? Or do you want to be a part of this great event, doing the cheerful service that we here in the Order of the Arrow advertise, and do the work that this lodge needs to complete in order to ensure such a high goal?

We’re standing up against 4 lodges and 4 years worth of conclaves during which some of you may have been to all, a few, or maybe even none. These conclaves have had things like giveaways, great trading posts, scouting museums and many other things that needed coordination and service to create.

But Wagion, I know you. And I know you’re better than this. I know that every single one of you arrowmen will dominate these things. You will set precedents. You may even make this the greatest conclave that Wagion has ever had (but don’t tell Tom Price that).

I’m asking you to push this conclave to your scouting friends in the Order of the Arrow. Bring people you know haven’t been to many weekends back now as this is the golden hour. This is the time where we start the work and planning and you will have a say in what happens at this great conclave. You will be able to come to meetings and give ideas that will be brought to live in June of 2013. You will make our lodge proud and our section jealous.

Just remember that you are capable of making this conclave whatever you want it to be. So if you’re reading this and you’re not on the executive committee, talk to Robbie Lavelle, one of your officers, or even me! We’ll put you to work.