Wagion Lodge #6

2012 Lodge Banquet A Great Success!

The 2012 Wagion Lodge #6 Fellowship Banquet, held Saturday, February 25 at Uniontown High School, was a great success! There were a variety of unique activities and training cells held throughout the day, including a live cooking demonstration by the Commissary committee (which included many tasty treats!), basketball and dodgeball tournaments, and a Meet-the-Man session where brothers had the chance to really get to know 2012 Northeast Region Chief Eric Bush,¬† Section NE-4B Chief Mark Steiner and Vice Chief Tanner Lashinsky as well as Wagion Lodge Chief Robbie Lavelle. (Eric and Mark are both from Wagion, if you weren’t aware, while Tanner hails from Allohak Menewi Lodge.)

Robbie presented a special video presentation before dinner introducing this year’s Lodge theme: “Meet the challenge”. Following dinner was a special presentation by¬†Jessica Lazar, a Physician Assistant at Allegheny General Hospital, who discussed her trying journey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, to raise money for research for Pulmonary Hypertension. Following her address, the 2012 recipients of the Thunderbird award were presented. The 2012 Youth Recipient was Eric Bush, while the Adult Recipient was Mary Pischko.

Congratulations to all those involved in planning and organizing the 2012 Lodge Banquet! Many Scouts and Scouters alike mentioned it was one of the best banquets they’ve ever attended! Below are a few pictures from the Banquet.

Officers answering a question during the Meet the Man session

Officers answered a variety of questions during the Meet the Man session

Commissary Chairman Jesse L. demonstrates a recipe at a training cell

Commissary Chairman Jesse L. demonstrates a recipe at the Commissary Training Cell

A speaker from Venture Outdoors during their training cell

Venture Outdoors Training Session at the Banquet