Wagion Lodge #6

IMPORTANT: Banquet Registration Update


Sorry about all the recent confusion regarding the registration deadline for the Banquet. This year, we will be having a new caterer who set an earlier deadline than previous years (usually the Wednesday before) for placing the order for food. That’s why the deadline was recently announced to be February 15 (Wednesday). However, the T-Bird Times (stating a different deadline) was printed before we locked in the caterer.

We’d GREATLY appreciate if you are able to register by Wednesday (remember you can still pay at the door). However, we will be creating an estimate later this week as far as how many Arrowmen we expect to register by the usual deadline, so we won’t have to turn anyone away. However, the sooner you register, the more accurate we’ll be able to be with our¬†estimation.

We understand that not everyone will be able to access this message online. Please continue to spread the word offline. OA Troop Reps: We’re especially relying on you to carry this message back to your home units. Everyone: It’s up to all of Wagion to make this year’s Banquet a success. Please make your best attempt to register ASAP, however, we will be doing all in our power NOT be turning away those who did not receive the change in the registration deadline. Expect more information regarding activities and training cells as well as a schedule soon!

Thank you to all who have been helping to spread the word. Please continue to do so, and more! We’re still giving away prize(s) for those who “Listen to the Bird and Spread the Word!”

Know someone who recently took their Ordeal? Invite them! Has it been a while since you’ve seen someone at an OA function? Invite them back! Talk to your friends, classmates, coworkers and let’s not just go for 200, let’s break a Wagion attendance record.

Are you up for Meeting the Challenge?