Wagion Lodge #6

Conclave 2021

Conclave 2021 is almost 100 days away, June 11-13! Conclave 2021 is a very important event for our Lodge for many reasons. To begin, it is our Lodge’s 100th year anniversary, and we will also be hosting the Section Conclave. Secondly, we’ve been approved to invite Section Ne-4a to our Section’s Conclave. This means that there will be 10 different lodges represented at Conclave! This is also a historical OA event in the history of the OA as a whole. This is the first time in history that two Sections will be coming together at one Conclave. The success of Conclave 2021 could determine the fate of future multi-Section Conclaves. We are expecting around 600-700 Arrowmen at Camp Conestoga. This event will be absolutely massive and will require us to work together as a Lodge and Section to make it a success.

This year, the Conclave committee and the Section would like to do things a little differently. First of all, registration will be online. This will allow us to have more accurate and updated data on who is attending and has paid for Conclave. You can register be clicking here. Secondly, this year the Section will have a more involved role in staffing the event. The Section staff will primarily be hosting the activities and shows, while our Wagion staff will be handling the logistics of the event. If you are interested in being on Section staff, please read the Conclave 2021 Organization.docx  and fill out the this questionnaire based on which area you prefer. Jayden Provance will be heading the Event CVC Staff, which will be tasked with most of the facilities operation at Camp. Please contact Braden Coffman, Tom Price, Jayden Provance, or Caleb Maddas if you have any questions. Lastly, the Conclave committee and the Section are fully aware that the state of the pandemic in June is still unknown. We will do our best to host a safe and productive Conclave for everyone.

In addition to Conclave registration, the Conclave committee will be awarding qualifying units with the Conclave 2021 Unit Service Award. The award will be a plaque and ribbon to go on your unit’s flag. By having a portion of your unit attend Conclave and/or work on staff, your unit may be eligible for the award. Click here to view the Conclave 2021 Unit Service Award Guide. Click here to view the Conclave 2021 announcement form, which you can share with your troop and already complete a requirement for the award. It’s up to each unit to be accountable for tracking their own progress and reporting in when finished. Feel free to contact Jayden Provance if you have any questions about this award.

Watch our promo video on YouTube titled, Conclave 2021 Promo!

Link to the Wagion Conclave Flap Order Form (click here)

Cubclave Registration (click here)