Wagion Lodge #6

NOAC 2012 at the Banquet – Deposits Due!

By Evan B.

Hey Hey Wagion, A congratulations goes out to now Region Chief Eric Bush, a very big supporter of NOAC 2012 and our fundraising efforts. At the Banquet, we will be having our usual bake sale and there will be patches. Also don’t forget to stop by and check out the auction. There will be plenty of great stuff to buy.

Thunderbirds, we are so close to meeting our goal of $12,000.  I need YOUR help to reach it, please support and help send little Nathaniel to NOAC. Now with registration you must have a $100.00 (ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR) deposit in by the BANQUET or your name WILL be taken OFF the list and not registered with national. Also, please start thinking and designing flaps for NOAC. Designs can be submitted both at the banquet and at the April weekend.

REMEMBER: It’s simple you DON’T pay you DON’T go.