Wagion Lodge #6

2012 Meet the Challenge!

By Drew C.

Brothers of Wagion Lodge 6,

The new year 2012 is upon us. This year presents Wagion with many novel ideas, events, and changes. 2012 will show a challenge for all of Wagion, and I do not mean the apocalyspe.  Aside from the numerous responsibilities that our committees already own, we must prepare NOAC 2012, Conclave 2012, Conclave 2013, and the Quality Lodge Award.  In our 90th Anniversary, we have brought this lodge to new levels with the website, Facebook page, Twitter account, Neckerchief Committee, fireworks, four day weekend, conclave, trainings, 100+ Ordeals, brownies, t-shirts, patches, National and Regional Chiefs, and colored T-Bird Times. These revolutionary incidences have  brought high standards for years to come. This , my friends, is one of our many challenges.

It’s a challenge that we are familiar with, although. We, as the dominant species, try to improve, enhance, and ultimately better ourselves each and every day. Whether it be in work, school, church, family, government, technology, art, music, science, fashion, Scouting, or the Order of the Arrow, progress is among us. However, and excessive amount of progress can produce dangerous and negative results. So, we must , as Socrates would say, “know thyself. ” By knowing what we need to do to make this Lodge even better than the best, we can create an even more successful year, decade, and century than ever before. Remember,  you are not alone. The entire lodge will be contributing to our struggle, and no effort is too small or  big.

Are you ready to meet the challenge? 2012 is.