Wagion Lodge #6

June Service Weekend

Good Evening Wagion!
Green means go! As of June 5th Somerset, is moving to green so we’re going to be able to have our first OA weekend of the year!! We will be having a full weekend OA weekend with changes to fit some of the remaining restrictions of the green level. Some of the major changes being that consisting of the dining hall, trading post, and registration.
We will be having grab-and-go lunches as we did at the service day. With this I would recommend bringing a yard chair with you so you can find a comfortable spot to enjoy your meals since we have to many people to allow meals in the dining hall.
The trading post will be open but we can’t have congregating within the building so we would ask that whenever you complete your purchase that you would exit the building.
Registration will be consistent with the system that was in place for the workday. Upon arrival we ask that you go to the health lodge to get your temperature checked. When exiting the building the registration will be on the front porch of Rohrabacher.
We won’t be distributing our orange coolers for water on the weekend. Be sure to bring a refillable water bottle, a mask, and a lawn chair with you to the weekend.
We will be following the Covid-19 action plan developed for the operation of camp (follow link below for more information). We’ve been working hard on trying to include everything we can at the weekend so I hope you can make it up and join us in cheerful service!
We will be putting out the schedule before the weekend so you can get a greater idea of some of the alterations we’ve made. Carry on Wagion!!
 Yours in WWW,
Zachary Lacombe