Wagion Lodge #6

Wagion Service Staff Old Trails Klondike

Members of Wagion Lodge 6,

The Old Trails District will be holding its 3rd Annual Klondike Derby next weekend Jan. 10-12 at the Bullskin Twp. Fairgrounds.

If any Adult Leaders, Youth+, or out of District youth who would be interested in helping Staff this event, your help would be much appreciated! The cost is $5 which gets you an event patch, lunch on Saturday and refreshments/hot beverages throughout the entirety of the weekend.

This is a great opportunity for the Lodge to connect with a lot of units from Old Trails as we as a Lodge strive to live a life of Cheerful Service and to closer tie our bonds of brotherhood with the Arrowmen, Scouts, and Scouters present at this event.

Anyone interested in helping out please contact Aaron Coffman HERE to Register.

Thank You!