Wagion Lodge #6

April T-Bird Times Coloring Contest

Happy Easter Wagion! As we look forward to the April weekend that is coming up here in about 4 weeks the Communications Committee would like to remind you and inform you of some things. First off we would like to remind you that the deadline to register for this event is Monday April 18th. The second thing is that if you have not received a copy of the T-Bird Times in the mail and you need the password for the online T-Bird from the Website get in contact with Aaron Coffman for that information. Finally since it is Easter and the April weekend is right around the corner the communications committee would like to challenge all of you to participate in the T-Birds Times coloring contest! The coloring page can be found at the bottom of this article. The rules are quite simple. First color the picture however you would like, second turn it in to Aaron Coffman at the April OA Weekend and finally Have Fun!!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Aaron Coffman
2016 Communications Chairman

The Official T-Bird Times Coloring Contest