Wagion Lodge #6

2015 Vigil Honor Class

The Vigil Honor committee would like to congratulate the following members of our 2015 Vigil Honor Class.

2015 Vigil Honor Class:
Aaron C.
Michael C.
Charles E.
Jim J.
Conor L.
John P.
Nathan S.
John S.
Benny S.
Seth S.
Shane S.

These 11 Arrowmen became the newest Vigil Honor members of Wagion Lodge 6 during the recent August Fellowship Weekend (August 13-16, 2015).

The Vigil Honor committee would also like to thank all its committee members who helped make the ceremonies and experience possible this weekend.

Finally, we’d like to remind our Class of 2015 and all Vigil Honor members that this recognition comes “not so much for what you have done, but for what you are expected to do.” We look forward to your continued service and devotion to the lodge and the Scouting movement.

Yours in Service,

Robbie Lavelle
2015 Vigil Honor Chairman