Wagion Lodge #6

Greetings from Lansing

Hello Wagion!

First, if you haven’t registered yet be sure to register for the August weekend. No spoilers yet but I can tell you it will be a weekend to remember thanks to the hard work of our lodge especially the activities committee. Please note that the cost of the weekend has been increased to $25 to cover the cost for the four day extravaganza!

Anyway, NOAC is an amazing experience complete with flash mobs, country music concerts, and of course patch trading! I urge every arrow man to attend the next NOAC!

Finally, please remind your home units especially scouts taking their ordeal in August the dates (August 13th – August 16th) and that the cost is $50.

Thank you  all for your help to make this lodge the most extraordinary lodge in the world.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Michael “Giggles” Conroy