Wagion Lodge #6

The Boy Scouts Are a Bright Spot In a Troubled Society

The following is a speech of Charlie Daniels, legendary American singer on March 22, 2013

I am deeply concerned about the youth of today.

In my lifetime, society has changed from a culture of nuclear families who worked out their own problems among themselves without the help of psychologists and counselors, where discipline was maintained and authority was respected and children were instilled with a life long work ethic and sense of patriotism.

Where Almighty God was acknowledged as the Creator and Ruler of the universe and everything in it, and the affairs of mankind were molded around the basic tenants of His word.

A time when words like “honor” and “duty” were taken seriously and a man’s given word meant more than any airtight contract the best lawyers could draw up.

Today our schools are forbidden to even acknowledge the existence of God or Jesus Christ and morals have become a movable feast of “anything goes” and “if it feels good, do it.”

According to the thinking of some, even the timeless message of the Holy Bible should be altered to keep up with the times and the Constitution, the very bedrock of American freedom, should be a living document, changed and amended to accommodate the morals and requirements of changing times.

Our national media outlets have become cesspools where immoral living is celebrated and the name of Almighty God is taken in vain.

Temptation for the youth of America is varied and attractive and at face value offers no glimpse of the misery they lead to.

That’s why what you’re doing here today is ultra important, to support an organization which is still dedicated to helping a young man place his feet on the paths of righteousness, where service to others and personal responsibility are still taken seriously and the name of God is still used and respected.


On my honor I will do my best

To do my duty to God and my country

And to obey the Scout law

To help other people at all times

To keep myself physically strong

Mentally awake and morally straight

Having been a Boy Scout in my youth, I have recited the Scout Oath many times, but I wonder if way back then I really realized what I was saying as I repeated it.

Have you ever taken the oath phrase by phrase and stopped to think just how solemn and meaningful it really is?

On my honor – Which means your word, your vow, a sacred trust. Your honor is the most precious thing you’ll ever have and something nobody can ever take away from you, only you can destroy it.

I will do my best – In other words, I will go the extra mile, burn the midnight oil, stretch myself to the limits of my strength and endurance, expend my last ounce of energy if necessary, because anything less would not be my best.

To do my duty – Duty is what is required of you, duty is paying back a debt all human beings owe, duty is doing what you know is right, no matter how hard it becomes.

To God – In other words, you’re promising to serve our Creator to whom we owe every beat of our heart and every breath we take, there is no higher calling than doing our duty to God.

And my country – Take it from someone who has traveled a good part of the world when I say that beyond a doubt, you live in the greatest nation the world has ever known, with more freedom and more opportunity than any other people on earth and our duty to our country is to make sure it stays that way.

To obey the scout law – By being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

To help other people at all times – That means being there for friends and strangers any time, any place, anywhere and to the best of your ability devote yourself to the needs of others.

To keep myself physically strong – To stay at the top of my game, healthy, motivated and rested, ready to tackle whatever comes along with enthusiasm and energy and stay with it until it’s finished.

Mentally awake – To be totally cognizant of what is going on around me, to practice situational awareness and to read between the lines if necessary.

And morally straight – Good morals are what you practice when nobody is looking,

The Boy Scout Oath is a commitment to excellence, a serious promise to take responsibility for your own life and the well being of others, to set examples for others to admire and aspire to, the kind of person who will make this world a better place.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for the Boy Scouts and I thank them for having a positive influence on my life. The Scouts and their mission and integrity are a bright spot in a troubled society and it’s our place to support and protect them from those who would change this honored institution.

And I thank you for allowing me to be a part of that effort.

God Bless America – God Bless the Boy Scouts of America.