Wagion Lodge #6

Lodge Chief’s Comments on 90th Anniversary Weekend

Hey Wagion,
It’s been crazy. If you went to Conclave, you know why, and if you didn’t, you should have gone! Two Wagion men now represent us in the Section, fairly, of course. Your Lodge Chief, Eric Bush, has been voted Section Chief of NE-4B and as Section Chief, we had to say a slightly bittersweet goodbye to him as our Lodge Chief. Robbie Lavelle, current Secretary of Wagion, was voted as the new Section Secretary. As PVC, I’m now going to be your Lodge Chief for the rest of the year, and I’m very excited. Now as you all know, this is the big one, “the big thing” as Tom Fish would say, and I know I’m excited for it. Just think, 90 years in the Order of the Arrow. I don’t even know too many 90 year old people. It’d be like going through school and graduating almost 7 times. Isn’t that crazy? A group, existing purely because of those who want to help their fellow man by spending themselves, has only gotten bigger and more popular.

Take it all in. Unless you come back in five or (I can’t even believe how good this will be) 10 years for
the 100th Anniversary of Wagion, it’s going to be hard to match the events planned for the August weekend.

Enjoy it. It’s fellowship. That’s what it’s for. Make friends, shake hands, get your name around. Because this is the weekend you don’t spend your time working, and thus you have all that free time to meet new people.

Get around in the brotherhood.

—Lots of WWW, Mark Steiner, Lodge Chief