Wagion Lodge #6

Brotherhood Interviews at the Banquet

Dear Brothers,

What is Brotherhood? Brotherhood is the next step in the lodge, the sealing of your membership. Keep in mind, however, it is not a rank advancement such as first class to star, but more as a recognition of service rendered to the lodge and fellow arrrowmen.

For those brothers who are eligible for brotherhood, the brotherhood committee will be conducting interviews at the 2012 Annual Fellowship Banquet on February 25th at Uniontown High School. Anyone who took their ordeal in April 2011 and prior is eligible. If you plan on having your interview at the banquet you will need to bring a letter detailing the following:

  • What you think the obligation means.
  • Describe how you have been fulfilling this obligation in your unit and daily life, and how you have used your understanding of the ordeal to aid in this service.
  • Describe your specific plans for continuing this service in the future.
  • Tell what the Order of the Arrow means to you, and why you are seeking brotherhood membership.

Congratulations to everyone who completed their Ordeal and Brotherhood during 2011 and let’s make 2012 even better than 2011.

Yours in WWW,

Jacob B.

-Brotherhood Chairman