Journey to Excellence Progress Center

Join us as Wagion Lodge #6 Journey to Excellence this year! This page contains the details on how we’re doing in each of the National Order of the Arrow Journey to Excellence Categories!

Our progress:

  1575 of 2600

Wagion Lodge #6 currently has enough points to earn Gold in the Journey to Excellence, but before we can do so, we must satisfy one more mandatory requirement:

  • We must meet our brotherhood conversion goal!

1. Fiscal Management

Develop and successfully execute a lodge annual budget.

  3 of 3

200 points – Gold!

Wagion is currently on track to earn gold in this category, because:

  • Our LEC approved the lodge operating budget in January.
  • We are on track to close the lodge year with a positive balance.
  • We are presently operating better than our budge predictions.

 2. Contribution To Council

Contribute cash, materials or both to the council.

  3 of 3

200 points – Gold!

In order to satisfy gold in this requirement, Wagion must donate at least $5 per member to the council.    Our $15,000 donation to the Council this year for a new cooler and new computers for the council office works out to roughly $16.25 per member.

3. Membership Impact  (* required)

Experience positive growth in membership over the previous year

  956 of 949

200 points – Gold!

In order to obtain gold in this requirement, Wagion must grow its membership to 949 members by the end of the year.   After the August fellowship weekend, we are now at 956.

4. Ordeal Completion

Complete induction of elected Ordeal candidates

  162 of 162

100 points – Gold!

This requirement has to do with the percentage of ordeal candidates that completed their ordeal.   We aren’t quite sure exactly how to calculate this, and are seeking clarification from National.    But we do know that nearly 100% of the candidates called out in 2011 completed their ordeal, so we feel safe in believing that we have satisfied this requirement.

 5. Brotherhood Conversion (* required)

Convert eligible Ordeal members to Brotherhood

  52 of 147

0 points

In order to obtain gold in this category, Wagion must complete 147 brotherhoods by the end of the year.

6. Membership Retention

Membership retention is a count of how many people paid their dues this year (not counting new ordeals.)

  850 of 645

200 points – Gold!

In order to obtain gold in this category, at least 645 members of Wagion from last year must have paid their dues this year.    We have met and exceeded this requirement.

7. Unit Elections

This is a score of how many units that requested elections received them.


200 points – Gold!

Our troop relations committee is working with every unit that has contacted us for an election to make sure that they are put in contact with a trained elections team.

8. Section and National Event Attendance

This is a score of how well we met our attendance goals

  111 of 108

100 points – Gold!

We had a goal of 50 for Conclave and 40 for NOAC this year.    In order to obtain Gold, we had to exceed our goal by 20%.    Our combined registration this year is 111, giving us a 23% increase.

9. Lodge Communications

Maintain active communications within the lodge.

  3 of 3

100 points – Gold!

Wagion is currently on track to obtain Gold for this requirement at the end of the year because:

  1. We have a written lodge communication plan (in our manual of administration) and we follow it.
  2. We publish a newsletter and update our lodge website frequently.
  3. We send contributions to the council web site and newsletter.

10. Lodge Event Participation

This is comparison of our registered members compared to how many participate in events.

  831 of 1434

25 points – Bronze

In order to obtain Gold in this category, Wagion must achieve an average of at least 287 members attending each event.    Right now, we have had enough participation to earn bronze.   If we get at least 125 people to attend the October weekend, we will earn Silver.

 11. Lodge Planning

The lodge is required to prepare an annual plan and review it with the Scout Executive.

  2 of 3

50 points – Silver

We have written a strategic plan for the year and submitted it to the Council’s strategic plan committee for review.   We failed to meet with the Council Executive this year to review the plan.

12. Council Service Projects

A measure of the number of service hours donated by the lodge.

  0 of 3

0 points.

In order to earn gold in this category, the lodge must donate 3 hours per lodge member in the form of service.   It must consist of at least one project for the council as well as at least one project for the community.    While service hours worked at OA weekends will count towards the council project, we still need to plan a community service project as well.

13. Council Camping Support

A measure of the effectiveness of our camping promotions teams.

  0 of 111

0 points.

In order to earn gold in this category, we must provide camping promotions visits to 111 units in 2012.   Our camping promotions team is currently scheduling promotions visits right now.   We will have a better idea of our total visitations soon.

14. Council Program Support

OA support for Council and district program events.

  0 of 5

0 points.

In order to obtain gold in this category, we must provide support for 5 programs provided by the council or districts.   We are currently seeking approval for the following 4 events, which should earn us silver for this category once completed:

  1. 2012 Camp Rally
  2. Council 75th Anniversary
  3. North dinner
  4. Cub Scout school visitations

We will need one additional program in 2012 in order to earn gold.

15. Council Designated Support

Additional goals set by the Scout Executive

  0 of 5

0 points.

In order to obtain gold in this category, we must conduct three additional projects as designated by the Scout Executive.    We have a list of proposed activities and will be meeting with the Scout Executive soon to come up with a plan for the rest of the year.

16. Lodge Leadership

Verify that our leaders are suitably trained.

  83 of 83

100 points – Gold!

In order to obtain gold in this category, we were required to conduct a Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) course with over 90% of our Lodge Executive Committee in attendance.    We exceeded this goal in January.

17. Annual Report

Submit a Lodge annual report to council.

  3 of 3

100 points – Gold!

A lodge annual report was prepared and delivered to the Council Executive Board along with a verbal report given by our Chief.   This earned us gold in this category.